• 26/01/2022

Germany achieves impressive energy system transformation indicators

Source: Gemeinhardt AG, Germany.

Despite the pandemic, which has not left Germany economically untouched, the country has presented impressive figures on the energy turnaround in recent weeks and months. Scientists and market experts have measured a record value for renewable energies in the German electricity mix for the summer month of July. Up to 50 percent of electricity generation came from solar energy, wind power and other renewable sources.

And Germany is also on the right track in another important area of energy system transformation: the mobility transition. This can be seen from the high number of applications in the federal government’s funding programme. In July alone, 20,000 applications for funding were submitted – more than ever before! If the car industry pushes into the market with more new models in the second half of the year, observers expect a further increase in demand.


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  • This is indeed a milestone, particularly the rising demand in electric cars! Initially, Germany targeted one million EVs by 2020. This goal was to ambitious, but as of now, Germany seems to be on track to achieve further milestones in mobility transition!


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