• 02/12/2021

Green Sofa Dialogue No 2: The missing link? – How hydrogen empowers the post COVID-19 energy transition

The economic fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic already predicted to be much more severe as that of the financial crisis 2008. Governments globally are already facing an immediate challenge of kick-starting their national economies. If it’s understandable that in the short term, the measures aimed at fighting the Covid-19 pandemic should take priority, we should not forget that, long term, the climate crisis is still the biggest challenge. Then the worst decision would be to abandon climate objectives all together. The energy transition will require hydrogen at large scale. This deployment requires the implementation of a forward-looking legal, political and technical regulatory framework. Without it, it would be impossible to achieve decarbonization objectives. Hydrogen represents a versatile, clean, and flexible energy vector.

This second episode of the Green Sofa Dialogue series aims at exploring the central role of hydrogen for the achievement of an integrated energy transition and discussing its potential, its latest technological developments as well as the political challenges to its extensive deployment in post COVID-19 energy sectors.

Moderator: Jennifer Porto


Claude Turmes, Minister for Energy & Minister for Spatial Plannung, Luxembourg

Michèle Azalbert, CEO, Renewable hydrogen Business Unit, Engie (FR)


Jun 30 2020


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