• 26/01/2022

An Offshore Wind of Change

The main question to be discussed:  How offshore wind will help deliver the Green Deal?

Guiding sub-questions:

  • What is the current state of offshore wind energy?
  • What exactly is holding back offshore wind in Europe and how to really unleash the potential of floating offshore wind?
  • What are the investments needed in ports to support the growth of offshore wind?
  • What roles ports will play in the upscaling of renewable hydrogen and the links with offshore wind, its supply chain and other sectors?
  • What is the role of offshore wind for Germany’s climate targets?

Episode description:

Offshore wind energy, alongside onshore wind, is at the core of how Europe can deliver on the Green Deal. The immense wind energy resources available in European waters demands an ambitious EU-wide coordinated and long-term approach for the benefit of all. The Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy proposed by the European Commission should be the blueprint for such an approach. The EU should set out the actions that will pave the way for offshore wind not only to meet our climate change ambitions, but also to maximise the industrial, trade, and growth opportunities that such a pioneering technology offer.


  • Jennifer Porto (moderator)
  • Paula Abreu Marques, Head of Unit for “Renewables and CCS policy”, EU Commission
  • Martin Neubert, Chief commercial Officer and Deputy Group CEO at Ørsted A/S, Member of Executive Board
  • Sven Utermöhlen, Chief Operating Officer (COO), wind Offshore Global, RWE Renewables GmbH


Sep 02 2021


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