• 04/08/2021

Episode 1: Linda Davis, BETD moderator

Linda Davis is CEO of Giraffe Bioenergy and was the moderator for both days on last year’s BETD on the main stage. She will be back to moderate this year. We talk about how her company is helping to make cooking and other applications in the developing world cleaner. But the topic she really loves is women in the transition, so delve into her networking activity. She spoke with us from her office in Kenya.

Giraffe Bioenergy: https://giraffebioenergy.com/
WPowerHub: https://wpowerhub.org/
Global Women’s Network for the Energy Transition: https://www.globalwomennet.org/
Energia: https://www.energia.org/
Women’s Earth Alliance: https://womensearthalliance.org/
Value for Women: https://v4w.org/



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