About the challenge

The Green Recovery Challenge is an ideas competition to encourage, inspire, and discover innovative ideas to Power Up international cooperation in energy with the purpose of developing both policy- and technical-based solutions to aid the global green recovery in a truly sustainable way – one that will enable prosperous growth for all.

The Green Recovery Challenge calls for ideas on:

International cooperation in the energy sector, which can contribute to, and be strengthened by the global green recovery.

Eligibility requirements:

  • The Green Recovery Challenge is suited for young professionals who have studied, work in, or otherwise have a passion for the energy industry and global cooperation.
  • Participants may be part of a company, institution or other organisation.
  • Participants may apply and participate as an individual or a team.
  • Maximum 35 years old

Your idea should:

  • Be primarily based on international cooperation in energy
  • May be a work-in-progress or a newly developed idea
  • Identify an issue and provide a solution
  • Identify the required involved parties (countries, institutions, companies, communities, etc.)
  • Identify the relevant energy sectors, markets, technologies, economics, etc.
  • Be presented in the form of a policy-type paper

Application Form

(if you apply as a group)
(Maximum 35 years old)
(250 words)
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