BETD 18: Majd Mashharawi, Palestinian activist, founder of Sunbox, shares her empowering solutions

In this episode, the last for 2020, we interview the very inspiring Majd Mashharawi, Palestinian activist, engineer, feminist, founder and CEO of Greencake, which makes bricks from rubble, and Sunbox, which manufactures and provides solar power and light to Palestinian and Gaza residents. An incredible way to end this series.

Here are a few links:

Majd’s Ted Talk:


A recent Guardian article:…majd-mashharawi

Here’s some additional information about your host, journalist Michael Buchsbaum:
twitter: @LMicalBuchsbaum

His latest blogs for the Heinrich Böll Stiftung:…erica-in-2020/

Once again, thanks to the team at the BETD and incredible producer, Christian Kreymborg

Stay safe and happy holidays


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