• 08/12/2021

After #betd21 is before #betd22

Summer slump? Boring times? Not with us! We are already preparing intensively for the 8th Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue, which will take place next year from 29-30 March in Berlin. Make a note of the date. And that’s not all: the official BETD flyer with all the details you need to know has just been […]Read More

Less than two weeks until the conference!

Preparations for the 7th Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD), this time virtually from the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin, are in full swing! Are you already registered? If not, you can do so directly on our conference page. Those who cannot attend will also be able to follow the conference in the livestream here in […]Read More

7th Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue: Save the date!

We are pleased to announce that our annual dialogue about the global energy transition is set to continue. The timely theme for 2021 is “Energiewende – towards climate neutrality” and, once again, high-level participants from politics, industry, science and civil society will convene. This year, the event will take place virtually. With the COVID-19 crisis […]Read More

Coming up next week: #WomeninEnergy (theme week)

We are very pleased to announce a packed online event calendar for next week. During our theme week “Women in Energy”, we will have a lot of committed women from all over the world speak out in short statements, explanatory videos and of course a podcast episode. Meet our inspiring personalities, be there on our […]Read More

Climate action: Let’s have a look at buildings

There is still much unused potential for energy system transformation in buildings. Buildings play an important role in achieving climate protection targets. There is still much to be done both in terms of heat supply and energy efficiency (e.g. insulation, efficient lighting). Therefore, not only in Europe, more and more intelligent overall concepts for buildings […]Read More

Electric mobility: How the sun gets into the tank

Anyone who consistently thinks through the transformation of energy supply to climate-friendly technologies must not stop at the transport sector. On the contrary: globally, large parts of CO2 emissions are still attributable to transport. There is still a lot of untapped potential for climate protection – and photovoltaics plays a central role in this. In […]Read More

Solar thermal provides clean heat for local heating networks

In the electricity sector, energy system transformation has already made good progress in many countries. However, in the heating sector, on the other hand, there is often still much to be done before the urgently needed decarbonisation. Concepts are therefore increasingly in demand in which local district heating networks are no longer fed with fossil […]Read More

Green Sofa joins re:publica @ #rpCampus!

We are pleased to announce: The green sofa will be a guest at the #rpCampus format of the re:publica on 21.09. on site and live on the Internet, an exciting discussion panel with high-ranking guests awaits you. Learn more about the panel, programme and participants in our event calendar! Favorite0Read More

Solar energy learns to swim!

Water surfaces, especially those of industrially used waters, are ideally suited for the use of solar energy. In recent months, so-called “floating PV” has developed into a new and dynamically growing market segment. In China, the Netherlands, but also in Germany there are now first applications that offer great advantages. For example, “Floating PV” systems […]Read More