• 02/08/2021

👀 💰 🌿 Climate protection and economic growth cannot be

View this post on Instagram 👀 💰 🌿 Climate protection and economic growth cannot be achieved together? WRONG! The just published IRENA Global Renewables Outlook for the transformation of the energy system outlines a plan, which would lead to a higher GDP growth than current plans would achieve. And all this whilst contributing to our […]Read More

👏 😊 💚 Several guidelines to reach our climate goals,

View this post on Instagram 👏 😊 💚 Several guidelines to reach our climate goals, whilst boosting the economy and supporting #renewables are laid out in IRENA's Global Renewables Outlook. It just has been published and it is worth a read! A joint virtual press conference of @irenaimages, @bmwi_bund and @auswaertigesamt is taking place right […]Read More

😊🌿🌞 New pathways in unusual times: A joint virtual press

View this post on Instagram 😊🌿🌞 New pathways in unusual times: A joint virtual press conference of @irenaimages, @bmwi_bund and @auswaertigesamt is taking place right now on the Global Renewables Outlook and how to boost #renewables during and after the #COVID19 crisis. IRENA’s first Global Renewables Outlook shows decarbonisation of the energy system supports short-term […]Read More

Episode 9: Drawdown

The Drawdown Project aims not only to reach zero emissions, but also draw down concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to a safe level. Today, we talk to Andreas Kuhlmann, head of Germany’s Energy Agency dena, about why he got a German translation published and with Chad Frischmann, vice president and research director at […]Read More

Episode 8: Mishka Lysack on Canada and Germany

Mishka Lysack is a professor at the University of Calgary, Alberta, in Canada — and what exactly he is a professor of is one of three surprises in this episode. We talk about religions in climate ethics, about the recent First Nation protests against a gas pipeline in British Columbia, about how he gets Germans […]Read More

Episode 7: Mary Robinson on climate justice

Mary Robinson is former President of Ireland and UN High Commissioner on Human Rights – and author of the 2018 book entitled “Climate justice: a man-made problem with a feminist solution”. If you noticed some language about a just transition starting with the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, it’s because Mary Robinson has been hard at […]Read More

Episode: 10 Lily Riahi

Lily Riahi works on the District Energy in Cities Project at UNEP. She was lead author of the study entitled “Unlocking the Potential of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy”. Long story short: district energy networks will serve as a platform for renewable heating and cooling much as the grid did for renewable electricity. References: District […]Read More

Episode 6: Green hydrogen from offshore wind

A talk with Marina Valls of Renewable UK and Tim Bruns of the BWO on the latest news in offshore – and on why the sector in both countries in increasingly interested in producing hydrogen along with electricity. Renewable UK: https://www.renewableuk.com/ BWO: https://www.bwo-offshorewind.de/en/   Favorite0Read More

Episode 5: Dörte Fouquet on Euratom

Have you ever heard of a treaty with no expiration date? One that hasn’t been amended in half a century either? Dörte Fouquet, partner at law firm Becker, Büttner and Held, knows one: Euratom. Today, she explains why it needs changing – and how likely amendments are. References: Becker, Büttner, and Held: https://www.beckerbuettnerheld.de/en/ World Nuclear […]Read More