• 24/01/2022

Solar thermal provides clean heat for local heating networks

In the electricity sector, energy system transformation has already made good progress in many countries. However, in the heating sector, on the other hand, there is often still much to be done before the urgently needed decarbonisation. Concepts are therefore increasingly in demand in which local district heating networks are no longer fed with fossil fuels, but with solar heat. In many projects, such as in Denmark (photo above) or even in Germany, this already works surprisingly well.

Technically, the principle is very simple: larger solar collector arrays, which are usually installed at ground level or on large roofs, produce CO2-free solar heat and feed it into the local heating network. By doing so, other fossil resources that harm our climate, can be phased-out step by step. Local communities or heating suppliers can achieve ambitious climate impact mitigation goals by using solar thermal in their local energy mix.

Photo: Large collector field in Denmark, Source BSW/Savosolar

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